Orion PHP  0.11.12
The PHP5.3 framework
Orion\Core\Renderer Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static setRenderer ($renderer)

Public Attributes

const SMARTY = 'smarty'
const DEFAULT_RENDERER = 'smarty'

Static Public Attributes

static $CURRENT = null

Detailed Description

Orion Renderer manager class.

Thibaut Despoulain BSD 4-clauses

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Member Function Documentation

static Orion\Core\Renderer::setRenderer ( renderer) [static]

Set the current renderer to $template (Smarty by default)

string$templateTemplate renderer's name
TemplateRenderer (A smarty instance by default)

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Member Data Documentation

Orion::Core\Renderer::$CURRENT = null [static]

Definition at line 30 of file renderer.php.

const Orion::Core\Renderer::DEFAULT_RENDERER = 'smarty'

Definition at line 24 of file renderer.php.

const Orion::Core\Renderer::SMARTY = 'smarty'

Template renderers flags

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