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Orion\Core\Query Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static Factory ($class=null)

Public Attributes

const EQUAL = '='
const NEQUAL = '!='
const LIKE = 'LIKE'
const NOT = 'NOT'
const REGEX = 'REGEX'

Detailed Description

Orion Query factory.

Thibaut Despoulain BSD 4-clauses

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Member Function Documentation

static Orion\Core\Query::Factory ( class = null) [static, final]

(Factory) Create and return a new Query instance based on Query and specific to the DB type set in configuration.

String$className of the model class from whom the Factory call originates (Facultative).

Definition at line 31 of file query.php.

Member Data Documentation

const Orion::Core\Query::ASCENDING = 'ASC'

Definition at line 18 of file query.php.

const Orion::Core\Query::DESCENDING = 'DESC'

Definition at line 19 of file query.php.

const Orion::Core\Query::EQUAL = '='

Definition at line 20 of file query.php.

const Orion::Core\Query::LIKE = 'LIKE'

Definition at line 22 of file query.php.

const Orion::Core\Query::NEQUAL = '!='

Definition at line 21 of file query.php.

const Orion::Core\Query::NOT = 'NOT'

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const Orion::Core\Query::REGEX = 'REGEX'

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