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Orion\Core\Model\Link Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($bind='category', $label='Category', $model='CategoryHandler', $rightfield='id', $rightfieldlabel='name', $required=true, $primary=false)
 toHtml ($XHTML=true)
 getLinkedTable ()
 getModel ()
 getRightfield ()
 getRightfieldlabel ()

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Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Orion\Core\Model\Link::__construct ( bind = 'category',
label = 'Category',
model = 'CategoryHandler',
rightfield = 'id',
rightfieldlabel = 'name',
required = true,
primary = false 

Link model field


Reimplemented in Orion\Core\Model\LinkOneOne.

Definition at line 18 of file link.php.

Member Function Documentation

Orion\Core\Model\Link::getLinkedTable ( )

Definition at line 57 of file link.php.

Orion\Core\Model\Link::getModel ( )

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Orion\Core\Model\Link::getRightfield ( )

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Orion\Core\Model\Link::getRightfieldlabel ( )

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Orion\Core\Model\Link::toHtml ( XHTML = true)

This method is called before DB deletion action. Override this method to define a specific pre-deletion behaviour

mixed$oldvalueThe old field value (before deletion occurs) This method is called before DB insertion action Override this method to define a specific pre-insertion behaviour
mixed$valueThe new field value (before insertion occurs) This method is called before DB update action Override this method to define a specific pre-update behaviour
mixed$oldvalueThe old field value (before update occurs)
mixed$valueThe new field value (before update occurs) Override this function to define a specific (x)HTML form field to use during model-to-form translation. By default, this function returns a hidden form field.

Reimplemented from Orion\Core\Model\Field.

Reimplemented in Orion\Core\Model\Tags, Orion\Core\Model\LinkOneMany, and Orion\Core\Model\LinkOneOne.

Definition at line 31 of file link.php.

Member Data Documentation

Orion::Core::Model\Link::$model [protected]

Definition at line 8 of file link.php.

Orion::Core::Model\Link::$rightfield [protected]

Definition at line 9 of file link.php.

Orion::Core::Model\Link::$rightfieldlabel [protected]

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