Orion PHP  0.11.12
The PHP5.3 framework
Orion\Core\MenuEntry Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($_text, $_module, $_route=null, $_mode=null)
 getURL ()

Public Attributes

 $text = null
 $module = null
 $route = null
 $mode = null

Detailed Description

Orion MenuEntry class. Ease menu and links creation and storage

Thibaut Despoulain BSD 4-clauses

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Orion\Core\MenuEntry::__construct ( _text,
_route = null,
_mode = null 

Creates a new menu entry for the configuration file

string$_textLink text
string$_moduleModule url wih the extension (ex: home.o)
string$_routeExtra routing (ex: /page/2)

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Member Function Documentation

Orion\Core\MenuEntry::getURL ( )

Generates and returns corresponding URL


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Member Data Documentation

Orion::Core\MenuEntry::$mode = null

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Orion::Core\MenuEntry::$module = null

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Orion::Core\MenuEntry::$route = null

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Orion::Core\MenuEntry::$text = null

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